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o  Are your products made from all natural ingredients?

Yes. When researching and developing our products we ensure that the ingredients used are all naturally derived from our supplier based in the U.S. From what we care about and believe in, we ensure that any harsh chemicals and certainly controversial ingredients are completely avoided. The natural mineral ingredients we use are refined in order to be safe for human and cosmetic use. We retain the scientific MSDS (material safety data sheets) of all our ingredients used and we have been cosmetically assessed under the EU Cosmetics Directive 76/768/EEC.


o  Are your products allergy-free?

Whilst our product formulations are made from very simple, gentle ingredients, no one product or ingredient is guaranteed to be allergy-free for everyone. If you are hyper-sensitive to any product or are unsure about using minerals we recommend you take a patch test. Apply to skin on your forearm or behind the ear and if you do not have a reaction within 24 hours it can be deemed safe to use.


o  Do your products contain parabens?

No, none of our cosmetics contain parabens, fragrances, preservatives, harsh chemicals, bismuth oxychloride, talc, mineral oil, wax, perfumes, oils, fragrances, alcohol, dyes, or animal-derived ingredients. Any nasty ingredients or fillers are completely avoided.


o  What is your animal testing policy?

We, and our suppliers, do NOT test on animals.


o  Do you use any animal ingredients?

No - none whatsoever. We are 100% vegan and cruelty-free.


o  Are your products comedongenic?

Mineral makeup is non-comedogenic. This means there are no

ingredients which block the pores. With mineral powders you can

achieve excellent coverage and colour which is breathable.


o  Where are your products made?

All our products are manufactured and packaged in the

United Kingdom. Our ingredients are obtained from the U.S. and

freshly mixed and blended in small batches within our premise.


o  How are your products such great value, and cheaper than other brands?

We are a small independent manufacturer of natural mineral cosmetics and do not have the large overheads and expenses other brands might have; such as expensive advertising costs, high scale employment etc. We reflect this by offering our customers fair prices whilst still maintaining superior quality and service.


o  Are the site and payment methods secure?

Yes. Your private information is secured using PayPal. So you can feel safe when purchasing online.

In addition we do not hold or store any of your card details.


o  Do you offer wholesale opportunities?

Yes, we do. We are always in search for distrubuters of our products. Whether you are a salon, makeup artist or interested is purchasing higher quantites. Please use our Wholesale page for more information and to get in touch.

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