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'I find myself reaching for the Pink Rose blusher everyday. It is long lasting, and has a smooth, natural finish.

I love this Mushroom eyeshadow. The eyeshdows don't crease, and a tiny pot will last for ages.'

1st April 2015                                                                                             Kate from Wild Organic Beauty Blog, Oxford



'It was love at first swirl... The foundation blends so seamlessly and has a surprisingly high coverage for such a

light texture. I really like the Coral blusher as it comes out more red coral like Snow White. I've been looking for

a blusher that will give this sort of look for a while now, so my search is finally over.'

19th August 2014                                                                                                                     She Who Is Short Blog, UK



'The foundation colour is perfect for my skin tone proving their colour chart really does work! The powder is

incredibly fine and buffs onto the skin really easily. Pink Rose Blusher gives a lovely ‘pinched cheek’ natural

finish and I had lots of compliments from friends and colleagues when I wore this for the day.'

31st July 2014                                                                                          Keeley from Phat Cupcake Blog, Manchester



'Honeypie Minerals is my personal winner (in Battle of the Mineral foundations)... This one is very

reasonably priced, a lot less than Lily Lolo but much better coverage and lasting power. I am a big fan

of their foundation. I think it is excellent coverage, great lasting power and very reasonably priced.'

14th June 2014                                                                             Rachel from All Natural Aspirations Blog, Swindon



'I think these foundations wear very well on my skin. The finish feels natural and looks fresh but allows me

to even out my complexion and hide small imperfections.'

26th Jan 2014                                                                                                           Sarah from Sugarpuffish Blog, UK



'The colours of the foundations I found very beautiful ...they cover pretty good. If you want more coverage you

can use layers. Jade Green is the eyeshadow colour that I put on my eyelid... it reminds me of the fall'

6th May 2013                                                                                              Elvie from CosmoCalista Blog, Amsterdam



'I was overjoyed with the results, as the foundations are really lovely. Like most mineral powders the skin looked much better

after the foundation has had a chance to sit on the skin and warm up a little. Applied with a Kabuki brush, the foundation went

on with ease, the payoff being a lovely matte finish, that retained an even, flattering luminosity whilst not appearing flat.

A successful foray into mineral bases'

8th Oct 2012                                                            Laura Jane Sessions from Organic Make-Up Artist Blog, London



'Application was effortless and left me with not only a even coverage but also a very dew like glow... the foundation adapted

to my skin tone to give it a pretty much exact match which is more perfect than any other foundation I've ever owned.

In my eyes this really is a competitor in the world of make-up and would stand strong against other brands such as MAC.

My skin tone looked even and I had no visible breakouts of redness. This really is a brilliant minerals range...

I'm more than thrilled with their products.'

17th August 2012                                                                                               Kellie Katrina Make-Up Artist Blog, UK



'The Blusher I received was very nice and my favorite. I would happily purchase full sizes of all of their blushers to use in my kit. I found it

easy to work with and the powders are easily blendable and very buildable and felt good on the skin. The pigmentation of the blusher

was great and I was left with a very natural look and a healthy glow.  I look forward to trying out more of their Blushers and testing out

their Eyeshadow range! 9/10'

14th August 2012                                                                     Sian Elvy, writer of The MakeUp Honey Blog, Norway








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Here at Honeypie we love hearing from our wonderful customers and have received many testimonials from everyone telling us how much they love our products! Watch the YouTubers and read all of the beauty bloggers rave reviews here...

YouTuber and Beauty Blogger - Wild Organic Beauty
















'I love the yellow corrector for under eye circles... Honeypie Minerals is one of my favourite brands... I absolutely love their absolute favourite eyeshadow of all time is Mushroom.... their blushers come in a selection of gorgeous shades'

YouTuber and Beauty Blogger - All Natural Aspirations
















'I absolutely love their foundation - it's so full coverage - really affordable - so easy to use - absolutely love it - quite a wide selection of colours - love their blushers, they're all brilliant, really well pigmented and long-lasting. I really like the company and love that it's UK based as well'

'I will always travel with my Honeypie Minerals foundation, it's my absolute favourite mineral foundation ever. It feels really light on the skin. I love that....The Honeypie blusher in Sorbet, I like this shade for paring with bright pink or berry toned lips. I love Honeypie blushers, you get so much pigment you only need a tiny bit'

'My current favourite foundation is my Honeypie Minerals - it has next to no ingredients in - I love this - it's so affordable - the coverage is excellent, you can really really get some great coverage with it!... I also love every blusher from them'


Customers Reviews



















'Yay! My amazing + beautiful 100% natural mineral make up has arrived! Feeling very summery with my new 'sun-kissed' bronzer and 'sorbet blush' blusher! Thank you Honeypie Minerals! I just can't recommend these products enough!'

12th June 2014

Katherine Herridge, Essex


'The foundation works great! I don't even need a primer to cover my pores, it tones down the rednesss and helps to conceal spots. Thank you so much, you're a life saver!''

11th September 2013

Sophia Berresford, Manchester


'Thank you sooooooo much for the prompt delivery, have been wearing the foundation and it looks really great!  I've had compliments on my glowing complexion :) I loved the makeup (loved loved it!) I was so impressed with the appearance of the foundation - I thought it was some kind of magic makeup, I was impressed with the coverage and how long it lasts.  So my only regret is not ordering sooner!'

16th June 2013

Lauren Gallagher, San Francisco


'Fully Converted! I have just finished my first pot of this foundation and can't wait to get another. The thought of having to use liquid again while I wait is horrifying! This gives you great coverage, a delicate matte finish and has a silky smooth light feel on the skin. I promise you'll never go back to any other foundation.'

14th March 2013

Marie Nugent, Essex







AllNaturalAspirationsHeader4 keeleynew2 shewhoisshort SAM_4557 WOB




















'I just wanted to say thank you so much for my amazing products, I love them! My skin has improved loads and I cannot believe how good the products are, will use forever. Thanks so much!''

22nd March 2014

Rebecca Jennings, Kent



'I got great feedback from my friends and from a lady in a shop! She thought my skin looked amazing and asked what I used. I also hosted a Vintage Afternoon Tea, Pamper and Shop as a fundraiser and had great feedback about the eyeshadow and blusher as they tried them out as part of the makeovers.'

19th September 2013

Sam Lord (make-up artist & stockist), Essex


'The mushroom eye shadow lasted on me all day today without a smudge or crease, very impressive! They're lovely products to use! I personally used to use a liquid foundation but have now stopped and am using the mineral foundation. It's really helping my skin & it lasts SO much longer than the liquid foundation! Which is also brilliant for my clients. I did my first wedding make-up & they loved the products! I am really glad I have chosen them. The mother-of-the-bride had very deep wrinkles, age spots and dark circles under her eyes & was 100% happy with the make-up at first attempt! The bride was so happy with her make-up & was impressed at how long it has lasted! No touch ups were required either!'

24th July 2013

Rachel Sleet (bridal make-up artist & stockist), Wiltshire





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